reetsweet returns to leeds for the final time this year - this weekend!

Hello reetsweeters, it's been a busy year of craft with us - and this weekend is your final chance to grab a unique piece of handmade for your christmas list! Returning reetsweeter Debbie Greenaway - 'The imagination of lady snail' is back to tempt you into her world of fun characters, and lots of print based awesomeness with a modern twist:

'I am an illustrator and printmaker. Currently living in my hometown of Huddersfield. I have recently returned to full-time self-employment (illustration) but I am still holding on to the strings of my part-time job. My work starts out in my sketchbook and through constant doodling and story sentence writing, I try to develop characters from various things I may have seen or heard. I often take my camera and sketchbook out and about with me and draw from outside observation, overheard conversations or from my imagination.

Screen-printing is my favourite way of working and put my designs on to paper or fabric or anything else I can find, to create an assortment of items including limited edition prints, purses, stitched illustrations, badges, cards and bags. At the moment I am working on drawing people, characters with musical instruments, in the hope of creating a fictional band, some colourful images of a narrative nature and a illustrated book of sorts.'

Debbie's work has recently been showcased by Folksy! But we've known about her amazing talents for ages ;-)

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