leeds uni fair preview: wivwuv!

I am delighted to introduce you all to 'wivwuv' a sweet and delectable jewellery label appearing at reetsweet's university fair in leeds nov 8th...

'Lineke, originally sprouting from somewhere in Africa, is a self taught designer and maker who founded 'wiv wuv creations' in 2010. Her collections include contemporary jewellery, interior decoration pieces, paper cut art and bespoke wedding stationery. Inspired by nature, literature, travelling, music and playfulness (amongst other things), she is drawn to the beautiful and
unusual side of everyday life, moving her to create elegant and quirky pieces. Lineke fills her creations with all her care, attention, passion and love for design - hence the name 'wiv wuv'.

Her designs are dynamic, imagery bold yet organic, and she continuously evolves her hand-made collections with new designs, techniques and use of materials. You can find out more about Lineke & her products at'

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