a little bit of what you fancy...the alternative comics fair!

Little bit of news on the grapevine for you! Our favourite bar in Leeds is hosting the 3rd Leeds Alternative Comics Fair! Saturday 1st October in A Nation of Shopkeepers, Leeds, just behind the Leeds City Art Gallery.

Featuring the best Northern, alternative comics makers, print-makers and illustrators, who will be selling their wares!

Don’t like comics? There’ll be lots more on offer, such as craft wear, badges, art and music.

This event’s guest list includes old friends such as Steve Tillotson, Hugh 'Shug' Raine, Gary Bainbridge, Andy Waugh, Helen Memo (a reetsweeter!)and many more...
The event will run from 12 noon until 5pm and is FREE to enter! So please do go up after visiting reetsweet and see them at the top of town - there are some very talented people to be seeing there!

Find them online at, Facebook search “Leeds Alternative Comics” or follow @leedsaltcomics

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