the rise and rise of another reetsweeter! : matt saunders

I was a total stalker of matt saunder's work before I booked him for reetsweet, I am not afraid to admit it! His work caught my eye on etsy, and then at a lovely event up at the brudenell social club put on by my friend amy (aka amy panda - see her work here!) and then I would look at his website and get all dreamy! Matt, a Leeds graduate has been incredibly busy these past few months, not only has he done work in the past for belle & sebastian and channel 4, but he has just recently been commissioned by none other than CATH KIDSTON to do illustrations for their magazine,and they also interviewed him! Get in!

Matt has recently been designing some stunning prints that are just amazing - delicate, wistful and childlike (see top) - we love! They remind me of wallpaper I once had in the 80's! We wish Matt and all our fantastic reetsweet artists well for their future and may you have lots more success!

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  1. Love Matt's new work and very pleased to have discovered your blog and craft network.