rainy days and reetsweet sundays...

A few more pictures today from the last fair, we are also please to announce our next fair on august 6th and 7th...a whole weekend of craft! However, if you can't wait that long we also have a sister event 'Handmade at the Corn Exchange' on July 2nd and 3rd, 'Handmade' is a more grown up affair featuring glasswork, textiles, precious jewellery and woodwork and promises to be something for everyone...come take a look!

Meanwhile...enjoy these goodies from last weeks' fair...

more from 'the vintage jewellery box'

new brooches by debbie greenaway

amazing work by jil made this

more lovely headwear by bee anchor


  1. sorry i missed it...also sorry I will be away for the August event, but would be really interested in having a stall in July for the Handmade at The Corn Exchange. What's the best way of getting info?

  2. Just email for info x