O-M-G it's nearly nation time!

brilliant flyer by stephsayshello

I am very excited that it's only two days now until reetsweet @ nation of shopkeepers, for those of you with your
heads in the sand, or you have been too busy knitting/dancing/drawing/traveling/any of the's what you need to know...
Nation of shopkeepers is a cool little place in Leeds on Cookridge street (between the Leeds art gallery and Millenium Sq), it's very homely and equally well usually showcases the best new music loooong before the music press even get whiff of them. The XX played there when they were like 5 - they get every major new alternative act first. Added to this they do lovely food, have really friendly staff and a wicked courtyard and lots of comfy seats, it's basically dreamy.

So, this sat, if you know it or you don't, come down to the first 'Reetsweet @ nation' which is reetsweet's first mini - fair. It's a smaller affair than our main events, and is meant for new crafters and graduates so they have a starting point for growing their business, we'll be selling work, and be joined by the marvellous tea dance co with their very ace cakes! It's free to come, and crafts start at £1-£2, cakes from £2.20...the perfect way to start the crazy bank holiday weekend!

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