handmade at the brudenell...

Vintage button earrings by reetsweeters lilybones

Illustration by reetsweeters fox bunting (above)

Painted log by Matt Saunders of rabbit portal

Some amazing things today at Amy Mcdonald's handmade 6 at Brudenell...check it all out! We thought the cakes were ace, (tea and cake for a quid...can't argue with that!). Plus we especially liked new work by Derrian Bradder aka Lilybones - one of our reetsweet stallholders, and the works by Matt Saunders who had done illustrations on logs which make perfect book ends. All in all, a perfect end to bank holiday weekend! Congrats Wills and Kate and cheers for the extra time off. Nice one!...

Cute finger puppet by Amy Panda the very talented event organiser

Me in my new headband with ears from reetsweeter Laura Black

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