Amy Mcdonald is a craft wizardess and the genuis behind 'handmade' the brudenell's craft events (which I highly recommend you see as well as reetsweet!)...april 3rd will be Amy's first reetsweet and we are proud to have her on board...

'I have been hand-sewing little felt friends under the name "amypanda" for around 4 years now. Sewing
is only a hobby at the moment, but I think like most crafters I cling onto the dream that one day I could make a living from my creations. I'm heavily influenced by my ever growing list of obsessions; buttons, cats, pandas, hand stitching, tea; and a love of children's books has led me to move more into items for children...I'd love to produce a children's book one day to accompany my finger puppets. The sense of pride I get from someone picking up one of my brooches and coo-ing over it makes all the hard work more than worth it, I love it!'

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