Ms Smith returns

what gave you the idea for your brand?

Coming from a print background, I've tried my hands at many concepts and developed my own style. So I guess my brand comes from all the things I love, enjoy making and want people to see. I get to choose and illustrate the images from my imagination and convey them into unique items. The idea was to create something fun, narrative and almost childlike to get in touch with my 'audience1! I wanted to create complete one offs - with 'Jil Made This' no item is the same as another!

where can people buy your craft?

My crafts are currently availbale on etsy and folksy and I'm looking into wholesale, so watch this space! I also take commisions too!

what keeps you motivated?

Everything around me inspires me and my general love for crafts keeps me going. I print everyday at work, so it all comes naturally. To know that people like my products and want to see new things helps me keep making. I get lots of suggestions and take them seriously! I hoard and collect and my organised chaos and coloufrul work place helps me pickup a pen and start the process allover again!

Jil Smith will be at reetsweet in the corn exchange leeds on april 3rd x

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