Next reetsweet!

Our next event will be on sunday April 3rd at the Leeds Corn Exchange, thanks to all our crafters who made yesterday such a pleasure, full of original ideas and beautiful things, and thanks to all the shoppers who came out to see what we had to offer!

Our next event is open for submissions from Mon 14th Feb at 9am - closing date is 25th Feb at midnight, just email me between these dates with a biography and photos of your work to be considered.

Due to the limited tables and our commitment to quality and giving a varied show, please do not be offended if we cannot showcase your work right away, if you are successful in your application we will contact you.

all the best for a year of craft!


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  1. hi!

    I love your blog :-) and have added you to my stylish blogger award list :-)

    Thank you :-)

    Amy xxx