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A little chat with Jil from Jilmadethis, a regular at reetsweet:

tell us a bit about yourself, did you grow up in leeds?

I grew up and was artsied up in leeds

what led you to making your own craft business?

It's something I've always wanted to do since I was about 5. I wanted to work in a shop, which I am doing and i wanted to make my own crafts which I've finally begun doing this year. After my degree in Printed Textiles & Surface pattern design, I wasn't sure exactly what to do. I began running a t shirt printing shop 4 years ago and developed my own unique and quirky range of printed items which now say 'Jil Made this' - I hope people can look at my items and think, wow, that is so Jil! I like to to take elements from my past, be it toys or conversations, and mix with my illustrations to create people, animals, robots and more!

what's the most fun part of what you do?

Coming up with new ideas, and seeing them through from drawing and printing to sewing and selling. The fun part is thinking what people think of their purchases or gifts! I love the colours and the characters I've created and am so pleased that I've finally come up with something to be proud of.

what's the least fun part?

I guess hours of sewing can be less fun, my fingers go numb but it's worth it! I struggle to decide things, which can be pain staking - things like deciding which fabric would be best, what colour hair and what sizes!

what's your favourite piece?

My favourite piece is one of my first proper plush items - my rainbow horse - i think I may keep him! Though I do love the others too!

Jil will be at the next reetsweet at leeds corn exchange on sunday 6th feb x

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