Prints by Alison Deegan!

Introducing Alison Deegan in her own words...

'My stall is the unimaginatively titled "Handprinted by A. Deegan", so no mystery there...I've always been a maker but in a sort of scattergun random way without any focus. After I had my son I realised the value of time and began to concentrate first on watercolour painting and then on printmaking. Pretty soon the printmaking became a bit of an obsession and I rarely get around to painting these

I draw inspiration mainly from nature and old stuff. I am an archaeologist by training and profession and spend a lot of time looking at old aerial photographs so landscape is important to me. Rarely a day passes that I don't catch a glimpse of some little vignette that I would like to re-create in relief print, but unfortunately few make it that far.

I like to think that a broad range of people would be happy to give a little wall space to one or two of my prints. I have sold to teenagers, to people in my parent's generation and all ages in between. Some of my prints have a simple aesthetic appeal, others are a little darker or have smidgeon of humour'

See and purchase Alison's work at reetsweet's fair in the corn exchange leeds on sunday dec 5th!

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