'Forget me notes' by Katie Marie Knapp..

'My name is Katie Marie Knapp and I tend to have two real joys in life... The first is a nice cup of tea and the other is making Forget Me Notes, sweet nostaligic cards and postcards to send to your friends.

I currently display and sell my work in the award winning 'Sunshine Bakery' Chapel Allerton, where the mis matched teacups and vintage decor send me giddy with excitement, much like a child in a sweet shop! I would describe my work as that of a magpie, somebody who collects all those lovely things from
times gone by and stores them in their head or under their bed incase one day they find some use for them! Lucky for me, I've managed to relay some of this childhood nostalgia to paper, just in time for the Reetsweet Craft Fair this sunday at the Corn Exchange!'

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