Charley dreams @ reetsweet next sunday!

'The name 'Charley dreams' came about from my name (obviously!) and the fact I always have a dream in my head about one thing or another, usually about being at home warm and cozy watching a good film while crafting away. My passions are vintage stuff, cute things, and crafting .....My creatures combine all of these! I have always been a crafter from being small. Everyone got hand made gifts for birthdays and christmas's.....and nothing has changed, I just can't help making stuff!

I have a love of pattern and colour and all things vintage. Inparticular vintage fabrics from the 60s and 70s the patterns and colours are just so fun. I am also a hoarder, so after amassing a huge collection of these fabrics, I had to work out what to do with them. I love the Japanese cute Kawaii design style and love plushies and soft toys, so I started making simple little plush creatures. It seems fitting to make something cute and fun out of these cheery fabrics.

Each one is individual due to the vintage fabric used. These little guys are great to add a bit of vintage cutness to any home perched on a shelf or on a settee and Kids love them too!...look out for my new squeaking ones! they have a squeaker in their tummy!'

Meet Charley from 'Charley Dreams' sunday 5th Dec at Leeds Corn Exchange!

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