Let them eat cakestands!...Lianne Mellor at Reetsweet!

Another beautiful attendee at reetsweet will be non other than Lianne Mellor creator of 'Mellorware'...designed and made in the UK the range of china Lianne produces has been created to evoke a nostalgic, story-telling, vintage inspired feeling, her works are something I can imagine fitting into almost any home and being cherished for a long time! Lianne Mellor's illustrations are derived from observations of British wildlife, mixed with a generous helping of imagination and a pinch of the bizarre. This quirky portfolio of illustrations, combined with the finest bone chine Stoke-on-Trent has on offer, results in a range of timeless tea ware with a contemporary feel.

The range of products on offer includes everything from sugar bowls and cream jugs, to cake stands and teapots. Allowing you to build your own unique tea set, and tell your own unique tale of British wildlife enjoying a good old fashioned tea party!

Come and see Lianne's stall at Reetsweet on Nov 7th at the Corn Exchange!

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