Introducing Dig The Earth...aka Kev

How long have you been working as digtheearth?
Since the start of 2009 – though mainly online, I've only been selling at craft events since this summer. I initially started out making eco-friendly greetings cards, but that has slowly changed into designing giclée prints – which is the bulk of what I create at the moment.

What inspires you?
It's impossible not to be inspired by other designers or illustrators, there's so much fantastic work out there! I love buying prints and get to see loads of other people's work, so it's hard not to get too inspired! I also love the fact that I print my own work, if I have an idea I can print it out immediately and road test it! It helps keep things fresh.

What do you enjoy about craft events?
I like how unpredictable they are! You never know how many visitors are going to arrive, or if your work will even appeal to them. It's really great getting instant feedback and you get some absolutely fantastic positive comments. Maybe it's my darker side, but it's almost as rewarding seeing and hearing the reactions of people who just don't get 'it' when they look at my work! It's all good fun!

Dig The Earth will be appearing at reetsweet on Nov 7th @ the corn exchange...

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