style not bile.

The current 80s sports chic trend turns me right off. It's great if you're a teeny tiny lady with no curves but put me in an american apparel bodysuit and you'll be laughing so hard you'll wee a bit. I am currently enjoying a love of the 60s...twiggy, pretty eye makeup (sweepy black liner) and a-line dresses. Today's mantra is: Stick with a look that suits you rather than be a topshop slave. I take heart when I see the lady who works in thorntons arcade boutique no 15. That lady doesn't wear lycra or 80's prints or a crazy fluoro turban! Instead she knows which red lippy to wear and has the sleekest bob and nicest black/grey hair au naturel. She's Leeds' answer to Coco Chanel. Nice style if you can get it. We heart her.

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